The Garden Concept

A place where friends can come to visit and where future generations will come to know the message of Steven McDonald. The concept is to create a quiet place where people can meditate and reflect while being surrounded by the peace of Steven’s message of faith and forgiveness.
The garden will be located in the center of Westwood Park in Malverne, NY and includes teak benches, sounds of running water, and beautiful foliage creating a peaceful escape from the rest of the world. 

One of the Most Beautiful Expressions of Love Is Forgiving

Landscape Design


  • Circular design with fountain/water element at the center

  • Border of evergreen plants surrounding fountain

  • Low wall/seating around plants & fountain

  • Eight teak benches, grouped in pairs, surrounding the fountain

  • Wall of laurel bushes flanking the rear of each bench grouping

  • Tall evergreen shrubs bordering laurel walls

  • Plantings around evergreen shrubs

  • Fine blue gravel entryways and walkway surrounding fountain


Garden Drawing.png
border plantings.png
Laurel Bush Wall.png
Tall Evergreen Shrubs
Border Plantings
Cambridge Stones
Blue Stone Pavers
Laurel Bush Wall